La Nouvelle Eve

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The revue
Paris je t'aime from April to October

A revue which is a dazzling blend of music hall and cabaret, the perfect combination of wonder and entertainment.

La Nouvelle Eve celebrates the spirit of the traditional Parisian cabaret. The artists' performance is a dazzling mixture of elegance, tradition and beauty. The production is highlighted by its talented and cheerful international acts.

The Parisian spirit of the revue is celebrated throughout the show. The underlying theme is a tribute to the artistic history of the capital and to a key figure of Montmartre who will forever be a part of Parisian mythology: Edith Piaf.
A true legend, the life of "La Môme Piaf" is that of an extraordinary woman and an exceptional singer. Her timeless songs accurately and emotionally describe life in the Parisian suburbs and the lower classes trying to survive as best they can. In the "Paris je t’aime" revue, "La Vie en Rose" has been given the style of the day in the form of a tango for you to enjoy.

The highlight of this show is the famous French Cancan! 12 breathtaking minutes with Offenbach's music, which is all about the art of doing the splits, lifting their traditional Cancan skirts and showing their laces and frills.

Catering A team of highly professional wait staff are present to attend to your needs to ensure your night is magical from begining to end.

Our dishes are cooked on site from fresh and carefully selected products.

& show —from 159

6:30 pm

Dinner at 6:30 pm and revue "Paris je t'aime" at 8:30 pm with a glass of champagne.

& champagne — 99

8:30 pm or 10:30 pm

Revue "Paris je t'aime" with one bottle of champagne per couple.

without beverage — 79

8:30 pm or 10:30 pm

Revue "Paris je t'aime".

La Nouvelle Eve, Parisian cabaret

Situated at the foothills of Montmartre in the IXth arrondissement, La Nouvelle Eve Cabaret is one of the oldest and most elegant revue theatres in Paris. The decor was sumptuous: the starry and subdued ceiling and Corinthian-styled multicoloured stage gave this Parisian showroom a unique design. Every night from April to October, La Nouvelle Eve invites you to discover the show "Paris je t'aime", a revue which is a dazzling blend of music hall and cabaret, the perfect combination of Parisian chic and new artistic trends.

An excellent revue, very intimist, delicious food
Elegant show in an auditorium on a human scale
Spectacular show and talents