La Nouvelle Eve

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The cabaret
A hidden gem

Situated at the foothills of Montmartre, la Nouvelle Eve Cabaret is one of the oldest and most elegant revue theatres in Paris.

The theatre, which was built in 1898, was originally called "Fantaisies Parisiennes". Plays by Desfontaines, Scribe, Labiche and Feydeau were performed there.

A new name appeared on the façade in 1920: "Gaîté". Léon Berryer launched the first topless revue in Paris that year. The Paris "Elite" talked about it! The "Gaîté" was the talk of the capital for several seasons.

The theatre became a cinema during World War II.

In 1949, René Bardy transformed the place with a "Belle Epoque" style with help from architect Maurice Gridaine and the designer Rigal. The decor was sumptuous: the starry and subdued ceiling, the fluorescent and multicoloured floor and the Corinthian-style stage pediment gave this Parisian show room a unique style. The cabaret changed its name to "La Nouvelle Eve". Great show revues were then produced there: Extravagances, Shocking, L'Amour Madame, Les Filles d’Eve, Revue Blanche. The stage-set models were made by Erté, Lucien Bertaux and Paul Bugnaud, the costumes were designed by Balenciaga and Maggy Rouff and the furs came from the Maison Revillon.

In 1966, the new owners, Bernard and Adrien Pierini senior, decided to put on typically Parisian revues, the staging of which was entrusted to Georges Lugosi and Luis Diaz respectively.

To celebrate the centenary of the theatre in 1998, Adrien Pierini created his first production "Century Show" followed in 2010 by the current show "Paris je t'aime" that he conceived and staged with the original musical score by Nicolas Skorsky and the choreography of Lianne Scrivener.

In 2022 it is the Cabaret "La Trompette Bleue" in Emily in Paris.

La Nouvelle Eve, Parisian cabaret

Situated at the foothills of Montmartre in the IXth arrondissement, La Nouvelle Eve Cabaret is one of the oldest and most elegant revue theatres in Paris. The decor was sumptuous: the starry and subdued ceiling and Corinthian-styled multicoloured stage gave this Parisian showroom a unique design. Every night from April to October, La Nouvelle Eve invites you to discover the show "Paris je t'aime", a revue which is a dazzling blend of music hall and cabaret, the perfect combination of Parisian chic and new artistic trends.

An excellent revue, very intimist, delicious food
Elegant show in an auditorium on a human scale
Spectacular show and talents