Spend the winter at La Nouvelle Eve.

When the curtain falls on the “Paris je t’aime” revue at the end of October, the emblematic stage of the IXth arrondissement offers itself to different kinds of artists.
The beautiful 300-seat theatre is a favourite with singers and musicians, live performance troupes and stand up comedians.
French artists such as Thomas Dutronc, Axelle Red, Gad Elmaleh and the Seas Girls and international celebrities including Pink, Kylie Minogue and Jerry Seinfeld have all passed through this vintage setting which brings the soul of the best years of Parisian music hall and caf’conc’ back to life.


2018 Paul TAYLOR #FRANGLAIS.jpeg

from 05th January until 31 March 2018 at 20h00

Stand-up comedy 50% in French et 50% en anglais.

How many kisses do you have to do when saying hello? Pourquoi y-a-t’il 15 jours dans 2 semaines ?
Why are French anglicisms not real English words ?
Ce sont des questions que Paul Taylor se pose tous les jours.
Paul is a bilingual Brit confused about his identity.
Il parle français comme un Froggy mais il pense comme un Rosbif. This is why, in 2015, he quit his job at Apple to take to the stage and find some answers.

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