With her passion for costumes and love of entertainment, Geneviève Esteve creates a stunningly visual sensation for the eyes.

Geneviève creates and maintains the 150 costumes for the “Paris je t’aime” revue. She has been drawing her unique expertise and inspiration from the leading fashion houses and entertainment companies for the past 30 years. She carefully hand selects the materials and assembles the parts of the flamboyant costumes with the greatest precision. For everything to be perfect on stage, she pays attention to the tiniest details, right down to the backstage area “the changes between scenes are very fast and I need to make sure the artists don’t damage the costumes in the rush”. The magnificient costumes she creates for the “Paris je t’aime” revue, are adorned with beads, feathers, sequins and glitter. “When people thank us as they’re leaving the show, it’s our greatest reward”.

g-ouvrantI love working on cancan skirts … All those colours! It’s always a nice surprise for the guests.g-fermant

It’s 6:30 p.m.! The backstage area is bustling.

The girls are preparing for the show in view of the vintage mirrors. It is a meticulous ritual and all of the cast have learned the secrets. The music hall has its own rules: mouths are scarlet and lush, wide eyes are black-edged and hair is fastened in a tight bun (it’s compulsory to wear a headdress!)

The warm up is the final stage before the show can begin. With two shows per evening and a cancan performed according to the rules of the art, good physical preparation is key.